Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Wonder If That's How We Are?

This morning when i arrived at work, i was in a foul mood,i was running late, i did not get too much sleep last night and i didn't eat breakfast. Which all sums to a GREAT morning, not. so arriving at work, i was angry. When I went to cash in my drawer I  was praying today would not feel too long. Praying that it would just go by quickly and painlessly. Boy, was I wrong. When my first customer walked up, a man and his two sons, i tried to put on a happy face while asking what the kids what they wanted. The father argued with them about what they could have and I just sat watching, waiting for them to tell me. It was frustrating, but finally they came to a decision. Next, a father and his daughter walked up. The father was on his phone and looked rather annoyed. The little girl was gripping onto his let and he was trying to shake her off. When she could not get his attention that way she decided to try to grab his arm and tug on it, getting even more frustrated, he took the phone away from his head, and loud whispered to her "If you don't stop this right now, you will be in big trouble later." but she wouldn't stop. he couldn't see that all she wanted was his attention, all she wanted was him to notice her. And he was blowing her off. Finally she laid on the ground and started to scream as loud as she could. she was out of control! everyone was staring at her and no one knew what to do. Her father was not even paying her the slightest bit of attention.

 And then i got to thinking, Thank Goodness my Heavenly father isn't like that. Imagine if every time we wanted God's attention, he acted like he was busy, or on the phone not paying us any attention. I don't know about you, but i would HATE that!
so then i got to thinking, as sad as it sounds, that's how I am. When God is longing to spend time with me, when he is pulling on my arm all i can say is "not now God, maybe later." and that kills him. Just like that little girl, it breaks his heart. Why do i do this you ask, because I want to find something bigger, better. But there is nothing better. And so from now on, that won't happen anymore. I will start to make time for God, because he is making time for me. 
So that is what's been on my mind today. (:
work was fun, it ended up being a pretty decent day. 
Dull night tonight, but i am looking forward to spending time with my family. 
my best friend can always bring a smile to my face (:


  1. i don't know why but this brought tears to my eyes.
    i was reading and then i saw my picture.
    and it made me cry,
    becuase i know i'm not the best freind or can't give the best advice but i'm so glad we're friends. i'm so glad i can make you smile. like you have no idea how much that means. sorry for going all sentimental. ha not really my thing but just thought i'd let you know.
    i love you!

  2. thanks best.
    you really do help me.and i don't thank you enough.
    (: haha, i enjoy reading your sentimental comment on my blog!
    YAY US.
    i luhhh youuu guhh.

  3. i know lol
    we're such fags :)
    but its alright. we work it.
    i hope to see you soon!
    keep blogging! : )