Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Week I Learned.

This week, was an interesting week. It went by very slow. But I still learned quite a bit.
1. My Friends mean the world to me.
2. God is not someone who will desert you in times of need.
3. Steak n' Shake milkshakes make me very happy! (:
4. I do not get paid enough at work.
5. Making youtube videos with my friends are mega fun.
6. Sometimes the smallest thing can turn your whole day around.
7. Summer is almost over, but I actually can't wait for school to start back!
8. Softball really does wear me out.
9. Time heals everything.
10. (: smoothies make me happy.
11. I cannot wait until i get my new camera ( i am in the process of saving up for it )
12. I write better than i talk, which sounds silly but it's true.
13. Drop Dead Diva is a show my mom and I really like.
14. Taylor Swift songs really do describe my life.
15. Summer reading is a real waste of time.
16. Life really does fly by.
17. Burned Cd's are the best, they're fun.
18. I want my voice to sound like Sara Bareilles
19. I love receiving bumper stickers from friends.
20. By your Side, by tenth avenue North really is my favorite song at the moment. 
go check it outttt :))


  1. haha
    i like this post.
    but that pic is utterly disgusting.
    i love it.

  2. haha thanks guh
    :) i enjoyed looking through my pictures and finding that one!