Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 Facts About the "New Hannah"

1. I LOVE little kids, they excite me and I really do love my job. 
2. I over analyze conversations, situations and chance happenings way too much.
3. I love converse, really i tend to wear them too much but they are comfy. 
4. I detest Chinese food, carbonated drinks and sushi. 
5. I love fishing, and wish i could go every day, it relaxes me. 
6. On a rainy afternoon, i love nothing more than to curl up in my bed with a good book, or take a nap. 
7. I have an odd obsession with the show CSI:Miami.
8. I constantly feel like I am not good enough because i want to be able to please everyone. If i had it my way i would be able to, but i can't so i am working on it.
9. Writing poems is something i really enjoy. i feel like people can feel my real emotions in poems. 
10. I am left- Handed. and apparently most left handed people die from using things made for right handed people, so i guess i'm just out of luck. 
11. My car still has a tape player, yes it's that old. Her name is Edna. 
12. Starbucks smoothies and Fraps. make me smile (:
13. Traffic lights bother me, because I am one of those people who manages to hit every red light with i'm running late. 
14. The endings to the movies Titanic and A Walk To Remember will always make me cry. 
15. My favorite quotes normally come from songs. they seem to tell the story of my life.
16. I like making people laugh and smile.
17. I hate it when people see me cry, or when i am vulnerable. I typically build up walls to hide what i am feeling.
18. I hardly ever answer my phone, ask anyone, but i'm getting better. something about there could be an emergency and no one could get ahold of me (:
19. I have a green and yellow monkey named Jack who i sleep with every night. 
20. I love to sing, i'm not the best at it but that doesn't stop me! 
21. I love meeting new people. but sometimes my first impression throws people off because I seem shy; then they get to know me! (:
22. I tend to hear about diseases or sicknesses somewhere and then begin to freak myself out and wonder if i have the symptoms. 
23. I am really not a morning person. 
24. Young Life is something I Have a Passion for, working with kids in general. 
25. I want someone to write me letters one day and send them by mail, i feel like no one ever does that anymore but it is one of the sweetest things ever! 

my friends make me incredibly happy, and I'm not quite sure where i'd be without them. 

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