Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello World!
It's been forever since i've been on here. Life's been crazy, but in a good way.
I've laughed, smiled, cried, been happy, been sad, learned things, forgotten things, been upset, been content. Made new friends, re-connected with old friends. Learned a lot about myself, and learned a lot about others. But I'm here nowww! (:
So, Friday night, the football game, we lost. But played really well.
After the game, we had FCA, it's the bomb, and Mr. Sheek talked about Laminin. Laminin by definition is "the basement membrane, which is a protein network foundation for most cells and organs." Now you're wondering why in the world you should keep reading this, and why i am telling you this. Well I'm here to tell you that Laminin is what our bodies is made up of. Scripture says that God is in us. And people wonder how in the world can God be "In" us. Well Laminin is proof. Laminin is, well let me show you what Laminin is.

how cool is that?! Laminin is in the shape of the cross. God is literally "In Us". I thought that was really cool.I's its one of those simple ways i feel like God shows that he loves us. He could have made this membrane in our bodies any shape he wanted to, but he chose a cross. (:
Life is really flying by right now, and I;ve learned that i can't do it without God. So that's my update it's simple, yet totally cool!
If you want to see more on Laminin, go check out
you will be amazed!
(: peaceee.