Sunday, August 2, 2009

This Week, the "New Hannah" has Learned . . .

What I've Learned this week:
- Tootsie Pops make me happy, especially red ones.
- My parents are my best friends, and when the rest of the world walks away, they step in. 
- God has so much in store for my life, and i have to learn to trust him.
- Slip n' slides make me happy (:
- My Friends mean the world to me.
- Waking up to Bebo Norman is the best! 
- Waiting is tough, but sometimes you have to wait. 
- Work makes me happy, i really enjoy the people that i work with. 
- Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frap.'s get me through the day.
- I never grow tired of converse.
- Summer Reading makes me antsy.
- I miss Frontier Ranch.
- I miss being a little kid.
- God is a humorous God. 
- Life isn't all about me. 
-Things don't always work out but God is always in control.
- O'Charley's chicken finger salad makes me very happy (:
- I WILL get through the tough times, because even when i have nothing to lose because I've hit rock bottom, i still have God. 
- School starting back almost excites me, because it gives me something to focus on. 
- I'm ready for summer to be over, great fun while it lasted but now it's time to move on.

Today in church Pastor Keith talked about how God didn't try to reach out the the people who were righteous, he reached out to the sinners. So it got me thinking, i am a sinner, but if by me admitting that means God is going to reach out to me, is going to love me unconditionally, then HEY i don't have a problem with that at all. 
(: busy day ahead of me. 
not too much going on. I'm grabbing lunch with Tamara and dinner with Lindsey. Hopefully meeting up with Casey in a bit, but whatever happens i know that God is with me. 
these pictures make me laugh (:


  1. i love you too, thanks for helping me out.

  2. awww.
    thats great best!
    today was needed.
    i love you!
    remember that.
    don't forget to check my blogg :)

  3. thank you. so much for today
    and for always being there for me.