Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stop and Stare.

Boy, was it hot today. Not just kind of hot, it was i need to constantly carry around a bottle of water with me hot. Today I worked down at the Rivercenter, Monkey Joe's had a jump down there and Jessica, a fellow employee, and I were assigned to it. When we got down town this morning, at 9 o'clock, nobody was there, so we drove through historic columbus. It is oh so pretty! I've been down there many times but i've never really stopped and looked. I feel like that's my thing, I've seen things before but if i really took the time to stop and look at it, I could see so much more! Lately, the world has been revolving around me, wait let me correct that. MY world has been revolving around me. but it's gotten better. and I am still working on it! Now, not only do i want to make the step of not being so self centered but i want to stop and really look a life. Which leads into my this week i learned.
This week, while i actually stopped to see what was around me I learned.. . . .
-Softball is my outlet, if i have ANY anger I get it out in the field.
- My best friend really is there for me whenever i need her to be.
- I need God in my life every single day, every single second of the day.
- Olive Garden's bread sticks are the bomb. (:
- Communication is the KEY to any relationship, whether it be friendship or dating.
- Trust is something I am finally being able to gain.
- the thought of YWAM excites me so much i want to explode!
- I really will miss my friends that have gone off to college.
- School starts tomorrow and I cannot wait to have something to focus all of my attention on.
- Being left handed is something i really like about myself.
- God thinks that I am beautiful and that is more than any human could ever tell me.
- Down Town is one of my favorite places ever.
- My church really does fill me up, and i genuinely enjoy going there.
- I'm not scared of what people think of me anymore.

That's all for now, I had something else that i was going to blog about, BUT, i lost it. :(

I'm off to get ready for school tomorrow
i like this picture quite a bit, i took it at frontier. (:

this picture really brings out the full of emotion of frontier (: hahaha.


  1. Great job yesterday on your first JV win. I am so proud of you getting back to playing softball after a 4 year break. You did awesome - 15 outs playing 1st base, 1 RBI and 1 double!! I love you so much and support you always sweetie! <3