Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello World, Meet The New Hannah.

Today has been rough. I have
and Thought.
It would be a good day to curl up with a good book. 
Today has felt very long, and it is going  by very slow. 
But i will make it through today. 
Life throws curves at you, sometimes God shakes up your life to try to get your attention and i think that is what's happening right now. 
And I'm not going to lie. IT SCARES ME. 
My life has been so out of place lately. 
My priorities have been all wrong, putting other things before God. But today is the day. 
Today I will change. I will not let satan get the best of me! He has no power over me. 
I will not dwell on all of the bad, because I will not look past all of the good in my life. 
I will not let the enemy win. 
I need prayer more than anything right now. 
But i know that I will make it through this, because God has everything in control and as hard as it is for me, i have to sit back and wait. 
But i want to say sorry, sorry to my family who i have pushed aside lately. I really am sorry. 
Sorry i have been so self-centered. it was not right of me. 
But you still love me anyways. 
Sorry for my attitude, and I'm sorry for everything you have had to go through. 
So world, Meet the "New Hannah".
She's here to stay. She's here to change. 
She is here to accept the fact that God is in control of her life. 
She is here to know that she has been irrational, and insensitive. 
But she wants to change, and mark my word, she will. 
Change takes time, but it comes from within. 
and i CAN change, and I will, this is my first step. 
So, that's been my day, it's raining and I want to go back to bed. 
The rain makes me sleepy. 
I'm off the work in a bit, and i cannot wait. 
Seeing little kids just lifts my spirits. (: that is the one thing that i will never get tired of. 
But i'm off to try to get a nap in before work. 
had a  late night last night, casey's car broke down. 
But it was all great fun, and night with great friends. (: 
I've learned that sometimes you have to step back, to see how great your life really is. 


  1. aww thats really good.
    i don't think my blog will ever live up
    to the greatness that is yours.
    i love you best friend
    and i know i wasn't much help yesterday
    it just hurt me to see you cry :(
    i tried to do my best
    but you will have my prayer.

  2. thank you.
    it's tough, but hey "it is what it is."
    i'm looking forward to tomorrow. really i am.
    (: see you then best

  3. ooh,
    maybe thats what i'll blog about.
    it is what it is.
    ha idk any other suggestions